BPMA 50th Anniversary Gift

Last week was the BPMA-British Promotional Merchandise Association 50th Anniversary. Ancestors® were given the task by the Director General Gordon Glenister of producing a gift to all members attending the party. So after a brainstorming session and with the brief being it required to be functioning product we came up with the luxury bookmark. It was interesting to witness the reaction from the fellow members as they opened the gift at the end of the party. Sometimes it is the little touches that make a product special, to achieve this we wrapped each item with tissue paper in the colour of BPMA blue. The faux wax seal made from an epoxy domed sticker incorporating the crown of the BPMA held the paper in place but also gave the notion of authority. To top it all off a gift bag (which was pad printed) was included together with a small leaflet on how the bookmark was made.

A great night on the River Thames !

Below is the Managing Director demonstrating the bookmark in use, with a book purchased at the recent BPMA conference.

Tower 1 Tower 2 IMG_20150915_0419 Bookmark IMG_20150915_0433