We have many years’ experience in designing and producing jewellery in the main for museums. All jewellery is currently designed by Nicholas Humphery-Smith, who has many years experience. We currently design and produce quality jewellery for The British Museum, London; The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, The National Gallery and many others. Whilst we specialize in costume /fashion jewellery we are able to also offer Fine, silver and gold jewellery design however the costs are substantially higher due to the current high cost of the precious metals.

Many customers ask if we can produce replicas and whilst this is possible, in our experience, we have found that to produce a true replica the exact materials and size are required and this would require very detailed drawings and may not always be possible, it can also take a very long time going backwards and forwards with samples to ensure the curatorial staff are happy with the finished item. We would therefore always suggest that we would work on an inspired piece of jewellery which would be more commercial and be able to use modern finishes.

So how do you proceed to get your own designed range of jewellery?

Stage 1. Send us clear instructions together with high resolution images of the object/s requiring being turned into jewellery. If fashion jewellery then this can be created to look like fine jewellery if price is an issue.

Stage 2. We will turn the image/s into a simple interpretation of what the jewellery would look like advising on what stones or crystals and finishes – being a draft- drawing – Timescale 7 -10 days.

Stage 3. Client would view the draft-drawing and make any comments / changes. A possible re-submission will be required until client is happy.

Stage 4. The draft cad drawing will be accurately drawn with sizes and relevant stone / crystal codes and a cost price will be prepared. Timescale approximately 3 – 5 weeks.

Stage 5. Client to consider the drawing carefully, make any changes at this stage. Any re-drawings and re-pricing will take place at this stage until client approves. Any re-drawings can take a further 2 weeks. Once drawing is approved the client is committed to the project and minimum order subject to receiving a satisfactory sample.

Stage 6.  Manufacture of model and first sample – 6 – 10 weeks depending on complexity and assuming that first sample is accepted. Changes at this stage can take a further 4 – 6 weeks.

Stage 7. Client approves samples and places order.

Stage 8. Manufacture of production pieces and supply to client –7 – 10 weeks.

The minimum order quantity for a specific design does depend on each item and its value and if fashion or fine jewellery but would be between 25 – 50 pieces for each item produced. So long as the minimum is ordered then there is no charge for the design or modelling. If a piece does not go through to ordering stage then there could be a charge of between £125 - £250 for the model.

All fashion jewellery is made using lead free pewter and where possible Swarovski elements. Precious metals would be hallmarked where required. We can also discuss packaging solutions for you either specific to your need or using our own generic box and pouch. Most of the jewellery we produce tells a story and therefore we do like to produce a provenance or story card to go with each piece.

To get an idea of some of the jewellery we have produced in the past under license for various museums please visit <a href="http://www.inspiredtreasures.co.uk" target="_blank">www.inspiredtreasures.co.uk</a>. This site gives full retail prices at good margins.







Umbrella Designs

AOD 434 revised 2

Umbrella Necklace copy

Umbrella Earrings copy


If you would like to see more information about the machine we use to engrave the Jewellery, please click here.

CAD Drawing

AOD 434 revised 2

With original drawing

Umbrella Designs

Umbrella Pendant

Umbrella Necklace copy

Umbrella Earring

Umbrella Earrings copy